How to Acquire the Best Radar Detectors


If you are at a point of acquiring a radar detector, it is necessary that you buy the one with much to offer. Even though you may not have wronged, spotting flashing blue lights and police can make you panic, the reason you should buy a radar detector.  It would be better not to acquire a radar detector than to buy a wrong one. For you to acquire good radar detectors, pay attention to the tips described below.

Consider the features you may need.  When buying a radar detector, you first need to know why you need it as this will help you to know the features you should go for.  In case you often drive within the city, choose a detector with an urban mode to reduce possibilities of false alerts.  Another feature to consider voice alert to avoid cases removing your eyes from the road which reduces risks of accidents.  If there is a need for spotting laser beams, make sure you buy a lidar.

Consider the brand.  There are many brands that make radar detectors at  Some companies fix fewer features on their detectors but some fix their detectors with every bell and whistle.  Whistler brand offers features that make it possible for detectors to read all laser guns and voice alerts.  Cobra brand offers most expensive radar detectors because they connect with iPhone, iPad, Bluetooth phone, and more to alert on safety hazards.  The escort brand offers cordless detectors at all price ranges.

Consider the best type of detector for your car.  There are three types of radar detectors; remote, cordless and wired.  Remote detectors cannot be stolen easily because they get fixed to your car permanently.  However, they are limited in that you cannot use them in different cars.  Wired detectors are placed on the windshield and are effective even in poor weathers.  Cordless detectors are portable and can be moved around.  In case you need radar for many vehicles, go for wireless and wired. For more facts about radars, visit this website at

You should put reliability into account.  Radar detectives can be highly sensitive and this can make them switch off without any reason.  If your radar detector constantly goes off, you can count yourself among those with none.  You should choose a detector whose design helps in avoiding false alarms. The features should operate without a demand of being put on and off.

A number of detectors from have target counters for you to see incoming alerts in order to know the time police radar is nearby. You will know about speed traps mounted without having to worry about the possibility of radar to go off more often.


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